Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Size doesn't matter...

A couple of adjacent SPOGs, one very large...

Lighting this shot well was impossible, sorry.

... and one very small.

Mine?  I'm flattered.

The reference to snoopy Canadian Public Safety minister Vic Toews is appreciated.  Political humour can be so overly subtle at times.


  1. No updates in almost a year? Has Guelph run out of genital-related artwork?

    1. Haha wow. A comment. In answer to your question, no. I'm sure there are many sidewalk dicks and dicks on walls and dicks on road signs and fences. There will always be more dicks drawn on things. I just don't have time to hunt for them anymore.

      But thanks for visiting!

  2. Tragic, to see such a fine exercise in absurdity stifled for lack of time. Perhaps you could put forth a call for photographic submissions from volunteers?

    I do foresee some difficulties there, though. The groundswell of support would undoubtedly be difficult to deal with on the grounds of sheer volume, and there'd be the issue of proper verification of submitted material as well. After all, you wouldn't want to post phalluses from outside of Guelph - although perhaps a "guest penis" feature might be in order for particularly outstanding samples from farther afield. :)