Saturday, January 23, 2016

How big is it when it's warm?!

Gothenburg, Sweden may now take the prize for largest cock-and-balls graffiti to date...

That's not so impressive...

Whoa Nelly!

The Swedes are more reserved than one would think, but it seems their civic spirit "extends" to enjoying a good SPOG (Snow Penis of Gothenburg) when it "pops up".


  1. Glad to see that SPoG is back on the beat (ahem).
    Gothenburg's offering looks like one of the Chalk Animals of England.

  2. In anticipation of this year's installment of this seminal blog, I find myself pondering the ongoing relevance of the penis in contemporary street art. Does it stand steadfast in this era of meaningful dissection of the ingrained patriarchy or is it a flaccid remnant of a time no longer relevant to our growth as a society?

    1. Sadly, as the blog ages, it's becoming harder for it to "produce new content"... a common problem, I understand.

      Mostly, I blame Minecraft and Twitter. Nobody takes the time to deface public spaces anymore :(

    2. I'd start an awareness campaign but the idea of producing penis themed art for the sake of blogging, to me, defeats the purpose of blogging penis themed art. It has to happen naturally, that's the key. Whatever drives people to draw a phallus on a wall can't be tampered with for selfish reasons. I still have faith that something will... come up... before year's end.